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Urea Fertilizer 500 gram


Urea Fertilizer 500 gram


Urea Fertilizer 500 gram package.

The densest nitrogen fertilizer you can find with 46% of its weight being pure nitrogen. Nitrogen is often the lacking part of many fertilizers and here is urea an excellent supplement here. Urea breaks down to ammonia after circa one day when mixed with water. Faster so if there are natural ureases from plants and bacteria in the water or soil. Also, the warmer the faster it goes. It is therefore recommended that you add it beneath the soil and not to close to the seeds or roots since ammonia evaporates easier and is toxic in too high concentrations.

500 gram of urea will cover circa 20 to 30 square meters of intensively farmed soil. Add more during spring and early summer than late summer. Maximum 10 gram per square meter and month in the early summer and in general 2 to 5 gram per square meter and month.

This urea is of a pure and certified fertilizer source.


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